All companies operating in the arena of tower crane sales are well aware of the major investments needed to acquire new equipment. Whether you are a manufacturer or renter, the design and/or purchase of new crane models can be extremely complicated. Given the large investments required, the manufacturing of new or innovative tower cranes can be daunting. On the other hand, it is essential to maintain a modern line up to compete in the industry.  So, how do you evaluate the right moment and strategy to invest time and money on the enhancement and modernization of you product line up?

Regain your cutting edge

In 2013 a crane manufacturer serving the South Asian market decided it was time to begin a long-term project to upgrade their tower cranes offer. This India-based business already manufactured two models of tower cranes, but felt it was time to increase the performance levels of its products to better respond to novel industry trends on the local market. The active collaboration with ENG Cranes led to the development of two new products with consistently higher performances in terms of  flow rates, height and working speed. The two Hammerhead crane designs provided by ENG Cranes, of respectively 10 Ton and 12 Ton maximum load capacity, were the result of a close collaboration throughout all the development stages, and ENG also worked with the client to produce fully-functioning prototypes prior to starting the manufacturing phase.

Set yourself apart from the competition.

In other situations, however, the increase in performances is not enough; companies must innovate their products to succeed.

In 2014, a US crane rental company realized that they needed to create a customized crane model to differentiate themselves. The key requirement of the novel design was to provide a high-performance system that would at the same time facilitate the transport of the crane, giving an unprecedented advantage over competition.

The management reached out to ENG Cranes to design a Flat Top crane that would significantly reduce costs when transporting the crane from one site to another. This feature was particularly important to the rental company’s target customers, as it would require fewer trucks and containers during transportation

Ultimately, ENG Cranes delivered a final design and prototype for a Fast-fitting, 24-Ton Flat Top crane, equipped with modern, 110 to 132 kW winches. It featured high yield, low energy consumption, and was capable of reaching free-standing heights of up to 90 meters.

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