According to global forecasts, the tower crane industry will grow at 4.3% CAGR over the next four years. This growth can provide many equipment manufacturers and renters with increased opportunities to capitalize on expanding market needs. The question, however, will be whether such companies will be capable of providing the solutions demanded by the market. Identifying customer needs in a growing industry is only the first step in meeting market demands: companies must be in a position to supply the customers with effective solutions. This is where ENG Cranes can help. Below are two examples of companies that identified a market gap and worked with ENG Cranes to design and manufacture machines that could fill that gap.


In 2013, a Singapore-based crane rental company understood that its customers required a crane with a special disassembly system that did not exist in the industry at that time. Realizing the potential profitability of this opportunity, the company endeavored to realize a solution enabling unprecedented ease of assembly and disassembly. ENG Cranes was capable of designing a revolutionary crane and constructing a prototype that matched what the client had in mind.

The final result was a patented Derrick Luffer with an innovative disassembly system which made the disassembling of cranes at great heights a much easier operation. It was the first EDK with a fully hydraulic drive and could handle a 16-ton maximum load, well beyond the 10 and 12 tons derricks existing on the market.


In the same period, another Asia-based crane rental company was searching for an effective solution for another market gap. Many customers required a special Derrick to service cranes installed for the construction of buildings over 100 meters. There was no Derrick on the market that could meet these needs. As an important crane renter and seller operating in the wider Asian market, the company realized the lucrative potential of being able to fill the demand for such a machine. Ultimately, the client turned to ENG Cranes to develop this project that others had not been able to deliver. The result of our collaboration is a Derrick without counter jib, capable of lifting 25 tons.

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